Each Jewel is signed D’Amor = symbol of our Tuscany (Dante Alighieri) and Amor like Rome that is “The history of Italian culture in the world”…


Perfection & Imperfection

I try to valorise the natural imperfection of things because this is where the contrast is born, I think any form of Art is based in principle on a meeting between perfection and imperfection. Tommaso Lucarelli Jewellery. I love the imperfection of things because nowadays it is difficult to find: everything must be perfect and perfection is now a sort of exaltation of STEREOTYPE. Instead, I believe that imperfection connects perfectly equally with the clothes of the most extravagant and demanding designers, as well as those with the most sophisticated and elegant, for both men and women.

My Approach

My search continues now, and makes me want to travel and know new countries and new people, trying more and more extreme and different styles, new sensations that can bring all sorts of inspirations, ona continuous evolution, and reading books thirsty for knowledge, until the discovery of wanting to know a god, besides the culture. This is my search for life, a key used to open the gates of this life, in order to understand the meaning, to discover and understand that , this key is the Love: ” l’Amore”.

Signed d’Amor

My jewellery is signed D’Amor because this is a word that is used often in the Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri; it is an important word because with this very work Dante introduced into the present world the Italian language which we know today. This work has always been introduced and studied in all Italian schools. So, in addition to a simple signature it is also the symbol of an entire culture, of the history of the birth of the Italian language. Finally, Dante was actually from Tuscany, and it is from here, after Latin, the Italian language started, just from the town where I was born and where my jewellery has been developed.