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Capitello Ring

A jewel is almost alive: it is influenced by the moment and state of mind of when it was created. These jewels are born out of sensations and situations: the wax that give life to them always transmits something of the place where they were crafted.
At times, the name itself tells us something about where the jewels were “conceived”. They are always born from my hands, but also bear the collaboration of a person from the land, the influences of a place: all this manages to give my work that unique life and charm that are above the Jewel itse

Capitello Ring Tommaso Lucarelli Art Jewelry

Capitello Ring


Rilver – Oxhidized – Plated Red Gold – by Handmade

1 Diamonds Stone 1/5 Point

Signed D’amor


This ring is available in size 16.

For other measures, major or minor, the delivery time will be different.

For further details please contact me via the contact form.


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Ring ISO size

  • To find the ring size by measuring your finger, you can use a tape measure. The measure in millimeters of the entire circle will correspond to the ISO ring size.
  • If you already have a ring of the right size, to take the size of this ring you can measure the inner diameter, with a caliber of those sold in hardware or a drawing ruler. From the measure in millimeters of the inside diameter you can derive, with the use of the table, the ring size.

Useful tips

  • It is advisable to take the measure of the finger at the end of the day.
  • It is not recommended to take the measure of the finger when it is too cold or hot.
  • Warning! Our hands are not perfectly identical, eg a ring that is worn on the ring finger of his left hand might not fit on the ring finger of his right hand.
  • Make sure that the measure chosen slides easily enough for the whole length of the finger, and especially in the vicinity of the joints.

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Signed d’Amor

My jewellery is signed D’Amor because this is a word that is used often in the Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri; it is an important word because with this very work Dante introduced into the present world the Italian language which we know today. This work has always been introduced and studied in all Italian schools. So, in addition to a simple signature it is also the symbol of an entire culture, of the history of the birth of the Italian language. Finally, Dante was actually from Tuscany, and it is from here, after Latin, the Italian language started, just from the town where I was born and where my jewellery has been developed.